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Tobacco sales ban
Call for tobacco tax increase
World TB Day | Quitting smoking for TB
2020 and prior
Links between smoking and mental health
Environmental Tobacco Smoke (or ETS) is the mixture of smoke
The link between smoking and TB
Infertility rates for both male and female are twice the rate of non-smokers
Lynn Moeng, Savera Kalideen on dangers of smoking
Dealing with smoking addiction: Savera Kalideen and Hayley Cimring
Cigarette sales ban lifted as SA moves to level 4 COVID-19 lockdown: Savera Kalideen
Tobacco Control in the African Region – WCTOH 2018
Anti-smoking activist Dr. Sharon Nyatsanza condemneds the selling of cigarettes to young people
Possible tax for heated tobacco products: Dr. Sharon Nyatsanza
City of Cape Town plans to become a smoke-free City: Dr Sharon Nyatsanza

Media Interviews

Cigarette Ban During During Level 4 – Debate
Channel Africa – Interview
Channel Africa – Interview 2
Classic FM – Interview
Good Hope FM – Interview 1
Good Hope FM – Interview 2
Good Hope FM – Interview 3
Heat FM – Interview